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Infrastructure Solutions


Customers need a trusted partner, experienced in the critical systems and services they depend on to achieve their mission and strategic goals. This dynamic partnership builds the foundation for the future. To understand how Activa’s team can benefit your organization, learn more about our Management, Modernization and IT Governance solutions.

Activa Communications offers special programs for existing infrastructures to expand, upgrade or migrate. The increasing capacity demand of Ethernet Networks will not longer be satified with traditional twisted pair cable, Gigabit brougth copper up to its physical limits. The Gigabit- Ethernet standard has recently arrived and 10 Gigabit technology is already there, which it is only possible thanks to Fiber Optic cable.


Bortis Fiber Optic (F.O.) becomes of relevance also in Local Area Network (LAN); the implementation of F.O. requires specific Know-How in IT networks, existing devices with analog technology can also be integrated to modern Internet Protocol (IP) technology, independent of brand Activa Communications expertise in safety systems offers the support to minimize risk while enhancing the entire system performance.

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