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Your backups probably get used more than you think. Users delete files or e-mails (and wish they hadn't) and it's convenient to go to last night's backup to restore them. You may even take a hard drive or a tape offsite once a week. But what happens when the backup itself is destroyed, or there's nothing to restore it back to?


With data rapidly becoming the most important asset your business has, you need to be able to recover your critical information under any circumstances so your business can survive. That's why we developed a Disaster Recovery (DR) and Business Continuity (BC). We take your data offsite to a secure location every night.

In the event of a disaster we can restore your company's data to new equipment quickly and painlessly. With our BC add-on we can even start up virtual copies of your servers in our redundant data center so your business never misses a beat.

And with our new Hosted Disaster Recovery Plan service your plan will be available to you and your staff from anywhere in the world - even during a real disaster.

Business moves too fast now to be down for even a day. With  DR and BC you can be sure that you never will be.

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